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Celestron Oceana 7x50 Porro

Best CELESTRON Oceania 7×50 Porro Binocular Review

Celestrone Oceania 7×50 Porro

There are many binocular in the market today with high-class products, but can be expensive. It can be hard to find one which is price effective and as well good for use. The Celestrone Oceania 7×50 was set to shock the market a sit is one of the best Celestrone  binocular under $200, that is despite, its low price, So you will still be able to explore a lot of fascinating gestures from it.


The Oceana marine 7x 50 binocular is a waterproofed device So, you makes the best device for marine use without any issues, aside from that, if you want it for diverse land-based observation, you can’t go wrong with this device.

This binocular’s got so many features that’ll keep you wanting to do more with it. It comes with an illuminated compass for convenient direction deduction. It is also composed of a reticle which helps give precise measurements of distance of image under view alongside center concentration system.

It comes with the latest prism system BaK-4 prisms which are specifically built for absolute optical performance as well as a completely multi-coated optics for super sharp images with quality resolution and contrast. Its 50mm objective lens gives room for users to be able to view images at the brightest view possible- you don’t have to worry about low light, you’ll still get the bright view you want.

More about Celestrone Oceania 7×50 Porro

The best binocular under $200 (Celestrone Oceania) is both resistant to water and fog. That is, harsh conditions won’t b able to take the better part of this device’s quality output. Another intriguing feature I must remember to mention is that you can even position this device on a tripod stand- what an added advantage as this will actively help for easy long viewing for a long period of time.

What more can you get from this heart-melting binocular? It uniquely built with an attractive orange striped case, and in the carrying case comes an objective covers, a cleaning lens cloth, a neck strap for comfortability during use, an eyepiece cover alongside a manual guide to easily get along with the device.

The weight is just 40 oz., that’s pretty heavy, but it’s worth the average price and performance. It’s a strong device that will last for a lifetime. Of a truth, we are not off track to conclude that this device should truly be among the best binocular under $200. 

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    • No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
    • Fog and water resistant
    • Can withstand rough use
    • Super sharp image resolution
    • Can work with a tripod stand for brilliant contrast and light transmission
  • Comes with a neck strap


  • Quite heavy

Frequently asked questions

  •  Can I use underwater?

Of course, you can as it waterproofed.

  • Can I read the degree of direction with this device?

Yes, you can.

  • What about the range finder, how easily is it to use?

It’s easy to use provided you’ve hot a grasp of how to convert what on the scale.

  • Can I get a degree reading from the compass?
  • It does provide degree readings so, yes you can.

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